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Article submission is a method by following which one can submit a top-quality and unique content to the article directories. In this procedure, you can get some high authority and PageRank backlinks. The necessity of the free article submission sites is to create backlinks and to drive more organic traffic.

When you post the high-quality articles that you have written to the article directories, you need to follow some rules and restrictions of the website. As the article submission websites have many terms & conditions as well as privacy & policy, you have to follow all those rules accurately at the time of content submitting. 

If you have just joined as a writer, you may feel confused while choosing the free article sites in terms of publishing your articles online.

That’s why, when you are going to find the best publishing platform, you should think about a site that is reliable too.

Article Submission Sites list:
These are a few free article submission sites that you can follow to submit your articles online.

  1. Medium
  2. Linkedin Articles
  3. EzineArticles
  4. Scoop.It
  5. Issuu
  6. Yudo
  7. Article Alley
  8. PUB HTML5
  9. Joomag
  10. Easy Articles

    Apart from these, there are a few instant approval  article submission sites that offer you the similar benefits like the free article submission sites.


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