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It denotes a practice of submitting your website URL and its details on the web. You can optimize your web page with the help of this off-page factor. One can submit website URL related information in a free web directory under a particular category. Whether you are willing to make your link more secure, it is the best way that you can choose. Free directory
submission sites can help to improve your link creation. 

You can see various types of categories there, under which you have to submit your website. For instance, suppose you have created a website that is related to health. Then, what you need to do is to submit your newly created website under the health category of directory Submission

These directories are similar to the web directories that are available to the phone.
Types of Directory Submission websites:

There are three kinds of high da Directory Submission Sites:

1) Paid or Featured Web Listing: In paid network listing, the owner of instant approval directory submission sites take charges for submission. Here, you can get an approval of your link within 24 hours of your website request. 
2) Free or Regular Web Listing: As these ones belong to the category of free directory submission sites, therefore you don’t need to give any charges for submission. 
3) Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: Here, the directory administrator will approve your link when your website has a reciprocal link.

Process of making Directory submission in SEO: When you are going for directory submission in SEO, you have to make sure that you are choosing the accurate platform from the best free directory submission sites in the directory submission list for SEO. 

Free directory submission list:
These are the free directory submission sites that can help you to submit your website URL on
the network.


This free directory submission list allows you to choose any of its free directory submission sites to submit your website related information easily.


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